Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do-It-Yourself Phone Jack Installation

Many homeowners have had the experience of having phone service installed for their residences. You place a call to the phone company, workers set a date to come out, and, finally, some weeks later, they arrive to complete the service. The problem is that they don't usually install the phone jacks inside the home, unless, of course, you ask them to, and then it will cost you somewhere between $50 and $100 dollars per hour. To save money, you can install your own phone jack with little or no trouble at all.

Choose Your Jack

    Choose a jack that will fit your needs. Phone jacks come in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are white jacks, tan jacks, surface jacks that mount on the wall and jacks that fit inside an opening inside your wall. A surface jack is the most common jack because it can be installed anytime and place. The interior wall jack works like a wall plug, and, most of the time, must be installed before your wall sheathing goes up.

Run The Phone Wire

    Drill a hole through your wall. The phone company will install a service box on the outside of your home. You will need to run phone wire from that box, through your wall, and to the place in where your phone jack will be installed. Drill your hole through the floor or the wall of your home and poke your phone wire through. The wires are color coded, so green, red, brown, black and yellow will all go to the same colors inside the service box.

Install Your Phone Jack

    Attach your phone jack to the wall using the two screws that come inside the package containing the phone jack. You must remove the cover from the phone jack( it snaps right off) and attach the jack to the wall. Attach the other end of the phone wires to the corresponding colors and replace the jack cover. You may now plug your phone into its jack and test for a signal.

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