Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Pick a Bedroom Door

Many people like to pick a new bedroom door when they remodel and redesign their homes. There are many styles available that will fit almost any bedroom dcor. A new bedroom door can dramatically change the look and feel of a bedroom's design. The other option is to pick a bedroom door that matches your current door, particularly if you are replacing it due to damage or age.


How to Pick a Bedroom Door


    Look at the bedroom door frame. Use a measuring tape to measure the inside of the door frame to determine the dimensions for the new bedroom door. You will need to measure top to bottom for the length dimension. Measure across for the width dimension. Write down the measurements.


    Take a picture of the section of wall in your bedroom. Take another picture of a section of the flooring in the bedroom. You will use these pictures to select the color and style of your new bedroom door.


    Take a picture of the doorknob and a section of the door in the existing bedroom. In most homes, the doorknobs and door colors of the bedroom doors will match one another.


    Go to your local home improvement store. Go to the interior door selections.


    Select the color of door using the pictures as a reference. Pick a bedroom door that complements the colors in the pictures or is a neutral color. You have the option of selecting a bedroom door that exactly matches the other bedroom doors in your home. It's a matter of personal preference and also depends on the layout of your home.


    Select the basic design of the new bedroom door. You can choose from a solid surface with different wood grains, doors with panels or sections, or even doors with various embedded designs.


    Look at the doorknob on the design you choose. This knob should match the other doorknobs in your home. If the design you choose does not have a matching doorknob, go to the doorknob section of the home improvement store. Select an appropriate matching doorknob.


    Contact a sales clerk at the home improvement store after you have made your selections. You can take the door home with you or have it delivered.

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