Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Install Cabinets on Metal Studs

How to Install Cabinets on Metal Studs

Cabinetry is a mandatory addition to many kitchens, bathrooms and offices. A simple screw or two is all that was required to attach a cabinet to a standard wood-framed wall. However, in modern architecture, as a code requirement for many commercial buildings, steel studs are used.
As a part of the complete wall unit, these steel studs provide enormous structural strength. When it becomes necessary to tap into the individual strength of these studs, they're very flimsy. So, how do we attach cabinets to them?


Determining the Strength of Your Stud


    Mark your screw positions, and screw your cabinets right through them. This will be sufficient for cabinet hanging if your wall was built with wooden studs.


    Attach your cabinets with 3-inch metal, cabinet-installation screws, directly into the metal stud. This may hold well if the screw is not overtightened and the metal stud hole is stripped.


    Install toggle bolts through your metal wall studs. Drill the required-size hole to insert the toggle bolt. Insert and then attach your cabinets to them with screws. This will give a stronger, longer-lasting hold than screwing the cabinets directly into the metal stud.


    Cut 6-inch square openings along the metal stud, at each location marked for screwing your cabinet, if not opting to use toggle bolts. This plywood installation will receive your cabinet screws with a tight and secure connection.


    Use a hanging rail system to attach your cabinets to the steel studs. The framing will be screwed to the wall studs, and then the cabinets will be hung onto the framing.

Hanging Your Cabinets


    Mark the top and bottom lines for your cabinetry on the wall, making sure it's level. Choose your method for attaching the cabinets and prepare the wall.


    Line up your first cabinet, making sure it's level. Screw the cabinet into the metal stud at the two top and bottom corners.


    Attach the rest of your cabinetry to the wall, making sure they're level and tightly aligned to one another. When you are done, you can begin to use your cabinets.

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