Saturday, August 3, 2013

Easy & Affordable Organizing Ideas

Easy & Affordable Organizing Ideas

In today's busy world, an organized home is an oasis of control amid a hectic existence. Admittedly, it can be a big job. If you are just beginning, start with one room, one closet or one drawer and organize as time permits.

Child's Room

    A child's room is one place where organization pays double rewards, as it straightens up a mess and teaches your child how to maintain it. Sort out unused toys and outgrown clothes on a regular basis. Pack toys no longer being used into boxes and give them to charity, stow away others not being used but that you want to keep, and organize the remainder in the room.
    Use see-through containers and sturdy boxes in theme wrapping paper with a picture of the contents on the side to identify what belongs inside.
    For stuffed animal collections, a pet net in the corner of the room makes a nice resting place.


    The kitchen is the center of the home. Organization here can save you time and money.
    Go through the food storage area and remove any items that do not belong, such as cleaning supplies or dishes. Throw out food items that have spoiled or whose shelf lives have expired. Donate any items that your family will not use. Arrange your food storage area according to categories so you know when you are well-stocked and under-stocked.
    Organize pots, pans and cooking utensils, purge your cabinets of unneeded or rarely used items and get rid of duplicates.
    Organize recipes in a binder, recipe card box or computer program so you can always find them when you need them.


    The bedroom closet tends to gather unused items until there is no room for the clothes you wear every day. Sort out unused items and clothing that no longer fits and place items used rarely toward the back of the closet. Group like items together, and outfits that are always worn together should be hung together.
    Get rid of clutter and keep decorative items to a minimum, as clean surfaces are easier to maintain.
    Use a hamper for dirty clothes, or use several hampers and sort dirty clothes into the hampers, with whites in one and colors in another. Wash clothes when the hamper is full.

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