Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Draw Appliances in House Floor Plans

If you want to build a house, you will need to be able to relate to your architect or builder just what you have in mind for your new home. While you can, in a general sense, explain that you want a washer here or a stove there, or even roughly sketch things out, it is much better to be able to give your architect a real drawing that explains exactly what you want. It is possible for anyone to do this if they use a program like Edraw Max. The following article will show you how.



    Install Edraw onto your computer (see Resources). Open Edraw, go to the categories on the left, and select the "Floor Plans."


    Select from the templates the one you want to use, such as "Home Plan" or "Floor Plan."


    Drag the room shapes you need from the library shown on the left, and arrange them as you like. You can use the handle controls to resize and reshape the rooms.


    Go to the Appliances category on the left, and drag the appliances you need into position in each room. You can resize the symbols with the handles as well.


    Now print out your plan showing your appliances and their locations. These symbols use the industry-recognized standard.

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