Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Install Dupont Elite Flooring

Dupont Elite Flooring is one of the easiest flooring covers to install. It's so easy to install that most homeowners install their own instead of calling on a team of professionals. Finishing an entire room in Dupont Elite Flooring is a project that should take less than a day.


Getting Started


    Prepare the installation area. If the floor is made of wood, sweep the area and remove all debris. If the floor is concrete with any other flooring on top, then remove the previous flooring until the concrete is exposed, then sweep the area. Remove anything from the room that's touching the floor, and this includes baseboards. Removing previous flooring and baseboards may require additional tools.


    Lay down the strips of plastic sheeting, and secure to the clean floor with pieces of masking tape. The sheets of plastic may overlap as much as 10 inches at the seams. Cover the entire area in which the new Dupont Elite Flooring will be installed.


    Begin in one corner of the area. Dupont Elite Flooring is easy to install because it has grooves and fits together like puzzle pieces. Cut the grooves off the edges that will be against the wall. Use the expansion spacers to create a gap between the flooring pieces and the wall. The spacers only need to be placed around the edges; these help to easily remove the flooring later if the need arises.


    Place the first piece and the spacers. For the next piece snap it into the grooves and use the rubber mallet to tap it in tightly against the touching piece and the wall. Repeat this step until you reach the next corner.


    Measure the length needed for the remaining piece in the row. Mark the underside of the board with a pencil, using the carpenter's square to draw a straight line. Hold the flooring piece upside down and saw it down to size. Wear your safety goggles and gloves while sawing.


    Place the piece at the end of the row, allowing for the spacers to be placed. Use the other end of the sawed off piece to start the next row. Repeat the first six steps using the rubber mallet--until you reach the last row.


    Cut the grooves off on the edges that will touch the walls, slide the pieces into place and affix the expansion spacers along the wall length. You may need to cut down the width of the pieces in this row. Remember to hold the pieces upside down when sawing.

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