Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Tile a Backsplash Corner

Finishing your kitchen backsplash project insures that the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen is complete. Tiling a backsplash corner is a relatively simple task, and will not require hours upon hours of forethought and planning. Soon you will be on your way to a finished product.




    Measure the distance from the edge of your last tile to the corner. Transfer that measurement to a piece of tile and mark it with your grease pencil.


    Set the gauge on the cutting board according to the mark you just made. Using your cutting board, score the length of the tile according to the mark. Use the handle to snap the tile.


    Check the cut piece of tile against the area. Run the cut piece up from the countertop to underneath the cabinets to insure that the cut fits the entire way up. If it does, make however many more you need to go from the top to the bottom of the backsplash.


    Using the 1/4" notched trowel, spread mastic evenly across the back of the tiles. Start with the bottom piece and work your way up, using the spacers to insure even grout joints.


    Let dry for 24 hours minimum before grouting.



    Remove spacers.


    Using your margin trowel, mix the grout according to the instructions on the package. Do not use a drill, as this will whip air into the mixture which will cause pinholes to appear in the grout.


    Using your grout float, force grout into the grout joints between the tile. You can clean the excess off of the face by putting your grout float at a 45 degree angle and pulling diagonally across the grout joints. Do not pull with the grout joints or you will dig the grout out of the joint.


    Wait 15-30 minutes. Check to verify that the grout is ready to be washed by touching it lightly with your finger. If it sticks, you need to wait. If it doesn't, you can clean.


    Taking the sponge and bucket of water, dampen the sponge but do not leave excess water in it. Using the damp sponge, lightly rub in a circular motion, smoothing the grout joints and removing any excess grout from the face of the tile. A slight haze will remain. Rinse your sponge repeatedly. When you have finished, wipe in a diagonal motion against the grout joints to remove the haze. Do not apply pressure or go with the joints or you will dig the grout out.


    Let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour. If any haze remains, simply use a dry rag or towel to buff and polish by hand.

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