Monday, August 5, 2013

Stairwell Decorating Ideas

Home decoration often means making every single part of your home suit your tastes and desires. A home should be inviting the minute you walk through the door. One of the first places in a home that you see when walking through the door is the stairwell. A stairwell is often a neglected space that is overlooked in home dcor decisions. It need not be. With a bit of imagination a stairwell can help make any room design feel unified.


    Stairwells are a great place to show off family photographs. Start by choosing photographs that have a similar theme. A collection of close up family faces or a grouping that shows people at special places such as on a beach or a trip abroad can be ideal. Consider using black and white photographs. Black and white photography can help draw attention to shapes. Keeping colors to a minimum means that the design can blend in with any preexisting colors in use in the area.

    Have the photographs professionally matted and framed. Then map out your design with pencil and measuring tape. A good choice is a grouping of photographs that fit within a certain shape such as a box. Hang the pictures at eye level where they can be seen and admired.

A Settee

    Place a small settee at the foot of the stairwell. A stairwell can be the perfect place to take a few minutes and gather items before leaving the house. A settee allows occupants to sit down as they do this. Hang up hooks on the wall where umbrellas and other outerwear can be placed. This will help people keep track of them so they don't get lost. Wall hangers strong enough to hold most items can be found in all sorts of decorative patterns that will blend in with any dcor. Place a mat on the floor of the stairwell where visitors and family can place any shoes so they won't track dirt further into the house.


    Showcase a collection. A stairwell makes an excellent place to show off any collections of small items you have. If you collect ceramic figurines, place them in a curio cabinet in a stairwell. Visitors will be able to see them close up as they pass. Hang a small overhead lamp above the cabinet to make viewing easier. Treating the stairwell as part of the rest of the room will make any space feel bigger and brighter.

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