Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Install Cabinet Handles

Your new kitchen has been installed and you've finally picked out and purchased handles for the cabinets. Now you're stumped: just how does one go about installing cabinet handles? You'll be pleased to know that all it takes is a few common household tools and that math you hated in high school. Within minutes your cabinets will be gleaming with new hardware, and the best part is you can say "I did it myself!"



    Open the cabinet door and make a light mark 1 inch in from the opening edge of the cabinet at the top, center and bottom of the inside of the door.


    Mark the center height of the door by measuring from the top to the bottom and dividing this number by two; mark this measurement on the 1-inch line. This is your center line.


    Examine the back of your cabinet handle and measure the distance from each screw post. Handles typically measure either 3 or 4 inches post to post; we'll use 3 inches in this example.


    Divide the post difference by two; in this example three divided by two equals one and one half.


    Draw an "X" 1 1/2 inch down from the center line and another "X" 1 1/2 inch up from the center line. Check your measurements to verify they are 1 inch from the open edge of the door and equal distance from the top and bottom.


    Drill a pilot hole through each "X" making sure it is straight.


    Slide a screw (packaged with the handle) through each pilot hole. Note that you may need to use the screwdriver if the hole is too small for the screw to slide easily.


    Align the handle posts with the screws and fasten them on with the screwdriver. Do not over tighten as this may strip the screw.

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