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Installing a Wall Oven

Installing a Wall Oven

Important Considerations and Warnings

    Measure the cutout dimensions of your cabinet for the built-in oven that you plan on replacing. Compare this measurement with the product dimensions.

    Ensure that the base of the cabinetry can support up to 400 pounds. Check the level of the cabinet to ensure that the installation is straight.

    Follow important safety instructions. Proper electrical grounding is necessary and must be in accordance with the local codes or with the national Electrical Code ANSI (American National Standards Institute), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Publication 70.

    Shut off the electrical power of the wall oven while making the line connections to prevent accidental electrocution. Disconnect the main power to the junction box before making the electrical connection. Never use an extension cord for the wall oven to prevent fire, electrical shock and other injury.

    This is at least a two-person project. Get help in carrying and maneuvering the wall oven into place. Remove the oven door, grids and grids supports for easier lifting.


    Wall Oven

    You would need a drill, screwdriver and level to install the wall oven.

    Start by installing the mounting brackets into the cabinet by drilling pilot holes where the brackets would go. Install the wall oven into the cabinet opening. Leave enough clearance, at least 1 1/2 inches, between the oven and front of the cabinet. While pushing the appliance inward, pull the armored cable through the hole in the floor close to the junction box. The electrical connections should already be in place as part of preparation steps.

    Push the wall oven in and against the cabinet until you see the side bracket clip in on the cabinet side opening. Check that the appliance is straight and level. Adjust as necessary. Then put the grids supports, grids and oven door back in place.

Checking Operation

    Remove any packing materials that may still be present inside the oven. Turn the power on. Verify that each oven control and function work properly. When testing the "Bake" function, the oven should turn hot within 20 seconds of turning it on. You should feel the heat coming from the oven when you open the door. When you test the "Broil" function, the upper element in the oven should turn red in color. If your wall oven comes with the "Convection" function, the convection fan will run. Set it to convection roast or bake to check the elements cycle on and off. The fan should stop running once you open the door.

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