Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Attach Steel-Frame House Stairs

Attaching a steel-frame for interior house stairs can be time consuming and expensive. Preparation and organization will make this and other home improvement projects flow easier with fewer installation issues. Stair building is not very forgiving when even simple errors are made. Steel-frame house stair installation can be accomplished with the purchase of any number of pre-packaged installation kits.
A recent innovation in steel-frame house stair installation or construction is the adjustable stair bracket made from steel. The adjustable steel bracket can be customized easier than other stair construction with traditional materials.

Organization is key so start by organizing your tools and materials.



    Start with precise plans and dimensions. Pre-packaged steel frame house stair kits are manufactured to code specifications.
    One innovation that has many advantages compared to conventional stair building is the adjustable bracket method. This technique differs from conventional stair construction with its ease of installation. With adjustable stair brackets, you can custom fit deck stairs into an exact area, forming any rise or run required. Adjustable brackets not only provide for customization, fewer materials are wasted and there are no advanced math skills needed.


    Attach the stringers to the area where the staircase will be built. Each steel frame staircase kit will provide the necessary fasteners depending on what your home is framed with.


    Begin setting the brackets on the stringer members utilizing the spacers and pivot screws provided.


    Take off the spacers and rotate the brackets, this will allow you to adjust the height of the stair.


    Lock the brackets into position and fix risers and threads. Identify exactly the number of steps you will install along with the distance or span between each step. Center stringers will not be necessary, the risers function the same as a load-bearing joist that spans across the stair between stringers, which will make more sturdy stairs.
    The steel frame construction of the stringers will remain in place permanently. One of the many other advantages of steel frame house stairs is its compatibility with almost any type of finish. Steel frame house stairs are cost effective and affordable for almost any budget.


    Once the installation of the stairs is complete the stairs can be painted, covered with carpet or tempered glass steps may be installed.

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