Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Cut Stone Countertop

How to Cut Stone Countertop

A wet stone cutter, a wet saw, or a standard skill saw fitted with a continuous diamond cutting blade is needed to cut through tough stone countertop materials while maintaining a sharp and straight edge. Cutting stone is more appropriate for someone experienced with a saw, rather than a novice. Stone can be heavy and brittle, which means it requires steady and careful handling. Once the cutting is complete, your stone countertop is ready for polishing.



    Measure your desired length with a tape measure. Then use a square and a pencil to mark a straight cutting line across the width of the stone.


    Wet the stone where it will be cut with a sponge and water. Water will help keep the dust down.


    Have one friend on either side of the slab holding the stone steady in place. Remember the stone will likely be heavy. Some slabs weigh almost 200 pounds or more.


    Turn on the saw. Adjust the rip fence so that the blade lines up properly with the pencil marks made in Step 1. Be sure to adjust both ends of the rip fence using the scale located at the end. This adjustment will ensure your cut remains straight.


    Hold the stone in place firmly against the fence while pushing the stone gently. Do not push the stone with force as this will affect the precision of the cut.

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