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How to Decorate With Oriental Rugs

How to Decorate With Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are an investment that will last for years. These rugs can be expensive, so it makes sense to want your rug to be a focal point of your room. You may have inherited a rug, or you may want an investment piece to pass on to your children. Oriental rugs allow you to decorate an apartment even if you can't paint the walls. Use it as an inspiration piece upon which to base your entire room. Decorating with Oriental rugs can transfuse your room with rich colors and lend an exotic feeling to your home.



    Pull your wall colors from the Oriental rug. Most oriental rugs have at least 10 different colors in them. There will usually be a dominant color, such as navy, black or burgundy. You might not want this for your wall color. Your color choice doesn't have to be a literal translation. You can even use one of the more neutral colors in your rug to really make the Oriental rug pop. If you want the exact color that is in the rug, take it to the paint store with you. You can match the paint chip to the rug. You can also have the store clerk scan the rug to find a paint color to match perfectly.


    Use the Oriental rug to hide stains. If you live in a rental apartment, it can feel like a sea of beige: beige walls, beige tiles and beige carpets. You can place an oriental rug on top of carpet; you don't have to have hardwood floors. This works best on rugs with a short pile. It also hides any imperfections in the carpet.


    Use Oriental rugs in kitchens and bathrooms. Just make sure your rug isn't exposed to cooking grease or steam, as these can damage the rug. You might even want to implement a policy where family members take off their shoes when they enter the home to help your rug last longer. If your Oriental rug is an antique, you might want to avoid foot traffic altogether. You can still use the rug as decor. Hang it on the wall, where it will also help dampen sound from other rooms.


    Keep the room neutral. Oriental rugs have lots of patterns and colors in them. To make your rug stand out, go for neutral furniture that won't compete with the rug. This will help the rug be the focal point of your room. You'll also be able to take your design style in different directions without replacing your furniture.


    Stick with the design of the rug for your room decor. You can find Oriental rugs that look traditional or modern. If your rug has a Southwest feel, go with more simple furniture. A heavy patterned rug works well with Queen Anne furniture.

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