Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ideas for a Creative Playroom

Creating the perfect playroom can be a challenging task. Finding things that are practical and fun is difficult, especially when there are so many options available for decorating. The key to putting together a creative playroom is finding a theme that you and your child agree on and that can be accomplished in time frame in which you have allotted for the project. Regardless of the theme you choose for your playroom or the size of your budget, coordinating the flooring, furniture and walls are the first things to consider when crafting your child's play space.


    If you have ceramic or vinyl flooring, you can use paint or an area rug to brighten up the room. If you have ceramic tiled floors, you can create a bright and colorful room by painting the tiles different colors. Have your child help you customize the tiles with letters, pictures, hand prints or even an elaborate racetrack. If your playroom is carpeted or has a hardwood floor, colorful area rugs or bright foam floor mats are a great way to add a creative touch to the room. A soft area rug is a great option for a room with hard floors; children need a comfortable place for activities such as blocks and puzzles. Interlocking foam floor mats are available in a variety of colors and styles.


    Painting is a great way to add a creative touch to a playroom and there are a variety of options available. Semi-gloss paint works best on playroom walls, as it is easy to clean with warm soapy water. You can opt for one solid color or a variety of colors. With painter's tape and stencils, you can create pinstripes or hand-painted borders.

    Specialty paints also are a fun option for playrooms. Magnetic paints can be applied to walls, allowing your child to hang artwork. Or, turn your walls into a blackboard with blackboard paint.

    Wall paper and borders can work well in a playroom. They are easy to apply and clean, and there are a variety of creative selections available.

    Walls also are an ideal place for creating organization in a room that can quickly become a mess. Shelves, storage cubes, cork boards and French memo boards can be placed on walls to hold toys, pictures, books and artwork.


    When choosing playroom furniture, consider using items that are practical, easy to clean and lightweight. Having flexibility with playroom furniture is important, especially when you are limited on space. Activities often will require more space, and furniture that can be stowed away easily is ideal. A child-sized folding table and chair set is a perfect item for your playroom; with a can of spray paint and stencils, you can get creative and even customize it to match your color scheme. Beanbags are another great option for playrooms. They come in many colors and are easy to move around when extra space is needed.

    Using storage cubes in your playroom is suggested by Genevieve Snyder, an expert designer on HGTV's Mission: Organization. They can be used as extra seating or tables while doubling as storage space. These stools are inexpensive and are available in many different styles and colors, including upholstered, wicker, wood and plastic.

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